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There are certain constants in the jewelry world which are iconic and never go out of style. The first that comes to my mind is gold, which has been prized for millennia, and for very good reason.  Pure gold has a luster and vibrancy that is unparalleled. It’s one of those miraculous natural substances, like diamonds or pearls, which have an inherently captivating beauty.

Unfortunately, very few modern jewelers use pure gold due to the cost, and the delicate nature of this gorgeous metal. However, Gurhan Orhan has developed an entire brand around pure gold jewelry designs. By reviving ancient tools and techniques, Gurhan designs and manufactures gold fashion jewelry which combines artistry and superior aesthetics in a truly unique tableau.

He’s also been able to find design methods which make his jewelry more durable and practical. These beautiful jewelry pieces display that striking gold hue which you simply can’t get with 14k or 18k gold metal alloys.

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