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Precious red coral has been incorporated in jewelry designs for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egyptian crafts. This striking substance displays a range of vibrant red and pink hues.

Among the most coveted varieties of coral is “Angelskin,” a pale milky pink variation which is particularly entrancing. Like its oceanic cousin, Pearl, Angelskin coral is an enchanting gemstone with a delicate radiance.

Making use of both Angelskin coral and the more common red coral, jewelry designer Gurhan Orhan breathes new life into this material by incorporating it into his incomprable 24k gold designs. The natural sheen of coral is perfectly matched by the unadulterated richness of 24k gold. The purity of these organic material imparts an earthy quality which is enhanced by Gurhan’s metalworking techniques. The overall effect is a magical synthesis of terra and mortal which is both primal and essential.

Harper’s Bazaar features a pair of these Gurhan coral ring designs in their August issue. The “Rouge and Rose” collage highlights the feminie nature of this jewelry, and once again proves that Gurhan is one of the most brilliant and talented modern jewelry designers.

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