Glashutte Original: Watch Buying Deja Vu

It’s strange how often watch obsessed people repeat their buying preferences over and over again. There are the guys who proudly show off their collection of say, dive watches, often by the same brand, and announce that they are going to add another watch to the collection – turns out it’s going to be another dive watch. Then there are those who are dedicated to a certain brand – Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Rolex, or whatever – and never venture from that brand. The most perplexing cases are guys (and girls) who purchase the same watch MODEL in several metals, or even better, buy a certain watch model, end up selling it, and then re-buying it, not once, not even twice, but three times… or more.

I’m really no different, and maybe I’m getting even more set in my ways as I go on. My usual pattern is, must be round, preferably in a white metal, and have a movement made by the manufacturer whose name is on the dial. I doubt I’ll probably stray from the last stipulation, but I hope to maybe branch out and get something non-round at some point, just to shake things up a little bit – who knows, maybe even in pink or yellow gold for added measure? Why not… somewhere down the road, at least.

This humorous reality been on my mind, because I’ve found myself increasingly interested in the Glashutte Original Karree Panorama Date Manual Winding watch. Like my other watch loves, this piece is “Manufacture”, but unlike any of my currently owned watches, its not round, but instead a very attractive tonneau shape. My triple takes on this timepiece are also probably induced by my recent adulatory experience with Glashutte’s magnificent Karree Tourbillon, which I told you all about in my last post (and shares the same basic case design with the Karree Panorama Date watch).

As an additional plus, this new Glashutte Original timepiece has a newly-designed manually wound movement, which would also give me something I’ve never had the chance to own before – a movement that isn’t automatic winding. I mean, even the MOVEMENT isn’t round – its a shaped movement, which is specifically designed for the non-round watchcase. Oh, the madness of watches, I tell you. Hmmmm….. decisions, decisions!

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Stephen Culcasi’s passion is for fine timepieces. He discovered his love of fine watches when he entered the industry ten years ago and brings extensive experience in retail management and private client service to Lussori. Stephen takes pride in the impressive selection of timepieces offered at Lussori which is located on Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California and has a keen eye for spotting new trends. His clients make up a who’s who list of celebrities, high profile business people, and respected collectors worldwide. Stephen holds a bachelors degree from Cal State Long beach. He enjoys restoring antique cars and photography.

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