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One surprising introduction from Glashutte Original this year, was a striking new variant of the PanoMaticReserve XL watch. A broad sidestep from the more classical leanings of the already existent references in that model, this version has a matte black dial which is copiously marked with accents of sporty red. To go along with this theme, is a textured synthetic strap which has double rows of bright red stitching.

There are a lot of things I like about this watch. The dial is wonderfully detailed, and the idiosyncratic Pano layout is natural for this type of informal aesthetic, though I admit that I had never considered the possibility before. The larger case size of the Pano XL case makes it a good choice for this kind of bold variation – better than the non-XL Panos would be. The decision by Glashutte Original to go with 18K white gold for the case might seem a bit incongruous for such a casually styled watch, but then again, its worth remembering that this model shares the exact same specifications (including water resistance) as its more classical siblings. So, maybe gold is fine after all – however, it is my firm opinion that a brushed or matte finish would suit the spirit of this timepiece better than the brilliantly polished one it wears.

Overall then, you might say that the Glashutte Original PanoMaticReserve XL watch is more a luxurious watch with a sporty appearance than a sport timepiece per se, but its casually handsome looks, masculine aesthetics, and superb manufacture Caliber 90 movement make it a fine choice for anyone who wants to add a strikingly unique German luxury watch to their collection.

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