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This very exclusive timepiece, dedicated by GIRARD-PERREGAUX to the Golden Gate Yacht Club’s challenge, brings together features that embody the very highest standards of Haute Horlogerie. The TOURBILLON “Challenger of Record” is equipped with a sophisticated flying tourbillon movement housed in a case that is totally water-resistant to 3,000 metres. In other words, this exceptional watch combines the most complex horological micromechanical principles and a case capable of resisting the pressure of 300 atmospheres, thereby making it one of the most advanced diver’s watches in existence.

To achieve such technical sophistication, the thickness of the SEA HAWK PRO case was increased to 20.96 mm and equipped with a 4.85 mm sapphire crystal as well as two lateral valves through which the helium is released during the decompression stage.

Each component, from the titanium case to the carbon fibre dial, is of the very highest quality. This remarkable watch has a power reserve of 110 hours, in other words, more than four and a half days! SEA HAWK II PRO – “Challenger of Record” Flying Tourbillon. A tourbillon consists of a rotating micro-cage housing the sprung balance, the “heart” of the watch’s regulating organ. The rotating of the tourbillon compensates for the influence exerted by the force of gravity on the vertical-longitudinal axis, making the watch more regular, and therefore more accurate.

The special feature of the flying tourbillon is that its mechanism is only fixed on the bottom part of the movement, the plate. This means that the whole tourbillon is visible through the dial. The “Challenger of Record” Tourbillon, with its titanium case, will be produced in a limited series of 32 pieces to celebrate the thirty-one AMERICA’S CUPS that have been held, plus the next one in Valencia (Spain).

This model will be available, on request, in either pink gold or white gold. Engraved on the back will be the technical drawing of the America Class boat, the pennant of the Golden Gate Yacht Club – the San Francisco Bay club that launched the challenge for the 32nd AMERICA’S CUP – and the words “Challenger of Record”, the official title of the BMW ORACLE Racing Team in its capacity as representative for the challengers in defining the rules of the AMERICA’S CUP.

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