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Lets say your dad was a professional soccer player who was a two-time FA Cup winner. Then, lets say your uncle was the coach of Portsmouth, another major soccer franchise.

Lets even take it a step further and say you had a first cousin was also a professional soccer player too – playing 12 seasons at another major franchise before retiring. Some might argue that you were genetically engineered to become of of the  greatest midfielders on the planet – Welcome to the life of Frank Lampard.

This 30 yr old soccer sensation has been recently playing at the English powerhouse Chelsea FC – where he is probably earning more money per week then the Queen. At least he has a boss in Roman Abramovich, who can afford to sign those hefty paychecks.

I am happy to see that when comes to accessories, Lampard has taste – as he is seen here wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch.

He shoots! He Scores!

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