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Anyone searching for inspiration in the anniversary gift department should consider the stunning beauty of an eternity band. As we all know, diamonds  never go out of style, and an unending band of bright white sparklers never fails to impress. With their solid diamond design, these bands are symbolic of unending love and devotion.

And don’t think that there is anything boring about one of these beauties. There are nearly endless variations on the classic eternity band depending upon diamond shape, size, setting style, and metal type used. If those options aren’t enough, you can always incorporate colored gemstones like sapphire or ruby to spice things up.

For a classic look, a mutual prong set band of round brilliant diamonds provides unrivaled sparkle and will complement nearly any engagement ring. If your partner is active and needs something secure, try a channel set eternity band. Princess cut diamonds are particularly good for this setting style as they provide a solid diamond look without any gaps. If you need something more eccentric, there are a variety of diamond shape combination pieces that are sure to grab the eye.

Along with their symbolic significance, eternity bands solve the age-old problem of a “rolling” band showing off awkwardly on your finger. However, there are some drawbacks to eternity rings that you should be aware of. First and foremost, the sheer magnitude of stone weight ensures that these rings will be much more expensive than a 5 or 7-stone ring with similar diamonds. Essentially, you end up paying for diamonds that you don’t see. Also, once made up, it is nearly impossible to adjust the size on an eternity band.

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