Di Modolo Jewelry: Collectability Meets Sophistication

Dino Modolo is a man with a very distinctive design aesthetic. Rarely does a jewelry designer bring such a singular and complete style to life as is the case with Di Modolo jewelry. It is likely the effect of many years spent in the insular and obsessive universe of watch making which provided Dino with the skills and technique that gave birth to one of the most exciting designer jewelry brands the world has seen in recent years.

Di Modolo Triadra

It is the unique combination of precision, passion and creative genius which makes Di Modolo’s jewelry designs so captivating. Each of this brand’s stunning collections is based around a particular motif that carries through the designs. As the brand has evolved, so too have the collections with motif’s going through subtle transformations. An example of this evolution would be the “Triadra” collection’s distinctive link design which has been elongated and twisted in newer pieces.

Like iconic jewelry designers such as Chopard, Dino Modolo begins with simple and elegant concepts for his collections which are then expanded upon and enhanced through subtle manipulations. This provides collectors with an anchor and continuity as they grow their Di Modolo jewelry wardrobe.

About Sandy

Sandy is another legacy jewelry and watch expert at Lussori. Sandy’s knowledge stems from 15 years of experience which started in a family owned jewelry store. She began her career as an appraiser and earned her Colored Stone, Diamonds & Diamond Grading Certificates from the GIA. She began her love affair with watches over 10 years ago and that fire still burns strong today.

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