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At Baselworld 2008, de Grisogono revealed its fascinating and technically amazing Meccanico dG watch, which presents a revolutionary digital time display. The time display looks like the old LCD watches from the 80’s, but make no mistake–it is realized through an entirely mechanical movement, rather than electronics! The heart of the de Grisogono Meccanico dG watch is its highly complex manually wound movement, made up of new fewer than 651 individual components. The watch showcases two timezones; one is analog, and the second is presented digitally. Complications of this de Grisogono watch also extend to the back side of the watch, where you will find a power reserve indicator. The wondrous digital time display is achieved by an extremely intricate system of cams and gear assemblies that precisely shift numerous mobile microsegments via a triggering and synchronization system. These 2.90mm-long microsegments–23 in all–have four faces, two of which are colored, and two of which are plain. Extremely rapid 90 degree shifts of the microsegments effect time changes.

A good match to the groundbreaking technique of the movement, is the visual dominance of the oversized 56 X 48mm cambered case. Available in titanium, titanium and rubber, titanium and red gold, or titanium and platinum, the Meccanico dG case utilizes a large rubberized crown at 3 o’clock to control the analog display. Meanwhile, the digital hours and minutes are set via two correctors which are located on both sides of the case.

Available in a limited edition of 177 pieces, the de Grisogono Meccanico dG timepiece will surely be highly sought after by dedicated collectors, and for good reason – it is exceptionally, extraordinarily different than any conventional luxury watch! For the individual who has all the bases covered, this rare timepiece offers something that can’t be found anywhere else.

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