David Oscarson Writing Instruments: An “Ultimate” Luxury Gift

For a lover of luxury and fine craftsmanship, the discovery of a David Oscarson writing instrument under the tree will prove a most joyous occasion indeed. Much like the finest timepieces, the creations of David Oscarson are a feast of visual and tactile superlatives that offer a welcome diversion from the stamped-out mediocrity that so often defines the electronic age.

What you immediately perceive when handling a David Oscarson pen is – aside from the delicious weight – the overwhelming quality. The David Oscarson press material emphasizes the painstaking nature of their cold enameling processes and guilloche, but the proof of their dedicated labors is what you hold in your hand, gleaming and lustrous in the light like a perfect little universe. Two expressions come immediately to mind: “Seeing is believing” and “good things come in small packages”.

Choosing a favorite fountain or roller ball from among David Oscarson’s collections is delightfully difficult, as each has its own captivating presence. Some of the Oscarson themes I like best are “Trellis”, “Harvest”, and “Pierrot Pierrette”. Perhaps my very favorite is the Valhalla fountain pen, with its non-torpedo body shape and fascinating Norse-inspired symbolism. Personal preferences aside, there is no way one can make a poor decision with anything from David Oscarson – these artistic writing instruments are simply magnificent.

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