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Whether you like it or not Daniel Craig has reinvented the character we know as James Bond. The new James Bond is tougher – relies less on gadgets – and more on muscle to get him out of impossible situations. When Pierce Brosnan was 007 he would look at his Omega, push a couple of buttons and his trusty BMW 7-Series would come out of nowhere – shield him from bullets – and quickly take him to safety.. My how things have changed…

So I can imagine that the folks at Omega were not too happy with Daniel Craig – who was recently photographed at a red carpet premier wearing a Rolex Milgauss (a brand 007 had worn for many years). With all the money Omega ponied up for the right to have Bond to wear an Omega in the movie, you would have thought they might have made a contract with him personally to wear the brand outside of the movie as well.

Seen here, Daniel is signing autographs at a premier when out of nowhere the glowing green smile of his Rolex Milgauss pops out as if it wanted to sign autographs too.

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