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Amidst a veritable sea of fine timepieces, the Corum Ti Bridge watch stood out as one of the coolest novelties at the Baselworld 2009 exhibition. A sort of 21st century variation upon Corum’s legendary Golden Bridge theme, the Ti Bridge radiates all the watchmaking brilliance of that creation, while giving us a new statement of modern design that is better suited for daily wear.

What exactly do I mean by that? Well, while the Corum Golden Bridge watch in its various guises is extraordinarily lovely, it also has a delicate and formal appearance – rather like a lovely museum exhibit. While absolutely superb for formal wear or special occasions, pulling the Golden Bridge off as an everyday watch might be quite the challenge for all but the dandiest dressers. Corum’s new Ti Bridge watch, on the other hand, showcases a fantastic new titanium case that is super stylish, beautifully finished and most importantly – versatile. It looks great on the wrist regardless of attire, and draws attention right where it belongs: the amazing C0 007 handwound movement!

Speaking of the Ti Bridge movement, it’s worth making just a couple of brief comments on its origins and visual presence. While Corum has clearly drawn inspiration from the legendary baton caliber in its Golden Bridge (a brainchild of famed watchmaker Vincent Calabrese) the new caliber presents its own unique constructive and technical features. It reminds me of the skeleton within a grand skyscraper with its quartet of finely beveled V-shaped supplementary bridges, none of which obstruct the fascinating straight-line layout of the gear train. Despite the deceptive simplicity and minimalistic beauty of this mechanical gem, Corum managed to achieve an impressive power reserve of 72 hours.

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