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Corum is famous for their Bubble watches. The Corum Bubble watch collection features an impressive variety of ten different versions the Family, Skeleton, GMT, Mid-Size, Mid-Size Chronograph, Bats, Privateer, Dive Bomber, Casino, and Jolly Roger. The Bubble watches are unique because of their bubble shaped crystals. The oversized crystal on these watches protrudes out from the watch case like a dome and gives the watch its unique look.

Corum Bubble GMT

The collection starts with the Bubble watches, available in an automatic and a chrono version, and measuring 45 mm. The Bubble Skeleton. Set in the same 45 mm case as the Family, they watch ahs 60% of the movement exposed and is sure to catch the eye of fellow timepiece enthusiasts. The Bubble GMT has a beautiful color map of the world on the dial. The GMT function is tracked on the bezel with a large red hand inside the case. For a more conservative Bubble watch we recommend the Corum Bubble Mid-Size. This watch is very easy to read with oversized luminescent hands and large hour markers. The Chrono version of the Mid Size Bubble is a ladies watch in blue with a blue mother of pearl dial.

Corum Bubble Privateer

Corum is well known for their Bubble Bat watch. The name of this watch says it all. Corum’s artists have paint a lacquer dial with two black bats set on a blue moonlight background. The second hand is shaped like a bat’s tooth with red paint accents to give it a ghoulish feel. The Bubble Privateer echoes the edgy, dark theme of the Bats watch. Corum has painted a black lacquered dial with a pirate’s skull and two crossed swords in relief.

Corum Bubble Dive Bomber

Corum’s Bubble Dive Bomber is a tribute to US Dive Bomb aircraft of World War II that painted images of various animals on their cowlings. The Dive Bomber is available in both a chrono and automatic version. Corum takes the “fun” theme into the gambling realm with the Casino Bubble watch. The dial on the watch is an exact replica of a roulette wheel, with a simulated roulette ball at the end of the second hand.

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