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Brilliant colors can often be a great accent on a sporty timepiece. From sports watch classics like the “Pepsi” – bezel Rolex GMT Master, to modern introductions such as the Anonimo Polluce Bronze watch, with its bright orange dial, bronze case, and leather strap with matching orange stitching, eye-catching colors just seem to emphasize the bold character of a great sports timepiece, and the daring or adventurous things that such watches seem to be purpose-designed for.

JeanRichard understands this very well. Their Grand TV Screen Chronoscope watch is one of my favorite colorful sports timepieces. While each variant of this model has something attractive going for it, I prefer the bold variation with a blue graduated bezel, red hands, and the black crocodile strap with contrasting red stitching. This is a very cool – and handsome – combination of colors, and they effectively accentuate the technical appearance of this Daniel Jean-Richard watch, with its chronograph function, complex dial, and interesting crown-operated internal rotating bezel.

Girard-Perregaux BMW Oracle Racing

The Girard-Perregaux BMW Oracle Racing watch collection offers some fantastic choices as well, with luxurious combinations of exotic materials, exclusive mechanical functions and plenty of provocative color.

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