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When it comes to fashion jewelry, Chopard is an immediate go-to brand for many people, and for very good reason. For decades, Chopard’s whimsical diamond designs have incited trends and set standards. Their ever popular “floating” diamond designs are fun, dynamic and have never gone out of style. Furthermore, new variations on this theme are regularly introduced by the brand ensuring that their line is always fresh and fashionable.

For diamond right hand rings, they have a wide selection ranging from elegant to playful to outrageous. Whether you are looking for a distinctive single “floating” diamond design, a 5 “floating” diamond design to match your Happy Sport watch, or something more daring, they have the perfect right hand ring for you.

Furthermore, with pendants, earrings and bracelets to match, Chopard makes it easy to build on your collection for a knock-out ensemble collection. For all of you guys out there looking for the perfect gift, rest assured that Chopard will get the job done. And being that Chopard never takes any of their designs out of production, you can always find something to match or even get a replacement for your lost treasure.

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