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Obviously, we’re big fans of Chopard around here. Classic beauty, innovative design, and unmatched quality all comes together to make Chopard diamond jewelry the stuff of dreams. It turns out that we’re in good company in our fandom as Chopard jewelry has graced the winning women of the Oscars for years.

Last night was no exception – in fact, it was a gleaming example of just how winning Chopard is at the Oscars. Both best actress winner Kate Winslet and best supporting actress winner Penelope Cruz chose to wear Chopard jewelry at the awards ceremony last night. Classic diamond elegance was the theme for these women, and their impeccable style echoes a popular sentiment that diamonds are so much more than fashion.

The state of our economy has been a talking point throughout this year’s round of awards ceremonies. The effect of this attention showed early on in the season as celebrities chose overwhelmingly to dress and adorn themselves in more conservative styles.

As the attendees of the 2009 Oscar’s seemed to relax into the new landscape of celebrity fashion, we saw a slightly changed tableau. What emerged and solidified last night was a resolve on the part of Hollywood’s elite towards meaningful glamour.

What struck me was that as we are entering a new era of responsibility, Hollywood has a duty to entertain us, challenge us, and embody our collective dreams. Watching our celebrities assume this position, the timeless beauty of Chopard jewelry shown clearly as the jewelry choice of our dream makers.

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