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I used to think that luxury watch purchasing was a more man centric thing, but I soon realized that women are now starting to get into the watch craze as well. Look no further then a red carpet event in LA or to the streets of New York. Women are catching the watch bug just like men.

It’s not like they are out buying a one-off from Jacob the Jeweler because Paris or Nicole have one. They are now buying multiple Swiss time pieces and are accessorizing them like shoes.

Some might say buying a Swiss luxury watch is a passing fad for women. I would argue that some watch manufacturers are now making cooler watches for women and women are seeing the beauty in them. For proof, all you have to do is look around at some shops and see these exquisite fashion forward pieces being produced by some of the finest watch houses today.

I personally think Roger Dubuis makes some of coolest women’s watches on the planet. Look at their TooMuch line, its awesome and unlike any other women’s watch line. This last year, the Girard-Perregaux ladies Cat’s Eye was deservingly voted “The Most Beautiful Women’s Watch of the Year” at the Tokyo Gran Prix. When this watch came out I was equally impressed by its design. Check it out in rose gold with a diamond bezel. It’s amazing. There are few ladies watches that are its equal in this variation.

To me it just seems like there are more options for women in the watch world these days and female celebrities are right there buying them.

Last year if you asked me, I would have told you that most celebrity females wore Rolex. While it is still a popular brand with some female celebrities, others are branching out and flirting with multiple houses.

It’s no secret that Britney Spears loves Roger Dubuis. She has been seen with one on and so has her husband, K-Fed. BUT, last month she was seen leaving a party for her signature fragrance wearing what looks like a Chopard Montres Dame. As I might have mentioned before Britney and Kevin have a severe case of the watch bug and I have seen them wearing Breitling, Chopard, Dubey and Shaldenbrand, and Roger Dubuis timepieces.

That same week in NYC Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) was spotted flying solo wearing an iced-out ladies Piaget watch. She wasn’t even dressing it up either. She was wearing it with a T-shirt. I guess when it comes to fashion, she knows what she wants, what she really really wants….

Another female celebrity watch junkie is little Lindsay Lohan. From what I have seen, she has a decent watch collection. When she showed up at the 2006 CFDA fashion awards, she was appropriately sporting a new Chanel J12 watch which she matched to her black and white outfit. She looked stunning and the watched worked well with the outfit. You go girl!

Vintage watches are still all the rage. Jennifer Anniston rocks a vintage Cartier which she seems to have worn in many recent movies. Other vintage watch afficianadas like Jessica Simpson roll with the vintage Rolex. Jessica was seen going to a recording studio in NYC last month wearing a gold President. Another notable blonde (sometimes) who rocks the vintage Rolex is Nicky Hilton . She was seen on the streets of LA earlier this year with a man sized Rollie on her wrist.

At the end of the day, more and more female celebs are seen with fine Swiss time pieces on their wrist. I am also seeing them wearing larger variety of watch brands than their male counterparts. Maybe it’s a trend, maybe they just know how to accessorize better then us men do.

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