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Best mens dive watches

We love dive watches because they’re overkill. They make great daily wearers because if they can handle 20 or 30 atmospheres of pressure, they can probably handle your day-to-day life. We love dive watches because, in the horological hierarchy of tool watches and complications, dive watches are actually really approachable. It maybe shouldn’t …

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Best women’s watches under $200

Being a jewelry lover I am always on the lookout for the best women’s watches under 200! Yep I have dropped lots of hints to hubby that I want a new watch this year and I will be HIGHLIGHTING the one I want right here as I know he loves …

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Best mens watches under $200

Just last week, in the end of my 4-days trip I managed to broke my favorite dive watch from Casio, that served me well for about three consecutive years. It was not some luxury timepiece. Quartz mechanism, stainless steel case, nylon strap, 200$, but when I think how long it …

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