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Michael Bolton Gets a little Le Coultre’d

This grammy award winning crooner – was as famous for his soft rock ballads as he was his signature “Kentucky Waterfall” hairstyle. Believe it or not, he was actually one of the most prolific songwriters of his time penning such hits as “How am I Supposed to Live Without You”, “Gloria”, and “I Found Someone”

Pharrell Williams Goes Deep with Audemars Piguet

At the tender age of 34 – this producer, rapper, singer and songwriter has the world eating out of his hand. In his young 34 years, Pharrell Williams has won 3 Grammy’s, was named Producer of the Year, and has worked with some of the biggest names in music such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears,

Glashutte Original: Watch Buying Deja Vu

It’s strange how often watch obsessed people repeat their buying preferences over and over again. There are the guys who proudly show off their collection of say, dive watches, often by the same brand, and announce that they are going to add another watch to the collection – turns out it’s going to be another

Best Of Class: My Favorite Fine Timepieces

You will find here a selection of timepieces that will blow your eyes, your mind, and possibly – your wallet – if “watch fever” eliminates the constraints of fiscal responsibility. While a month has gone by since this year’s festivities have come and gone, the memories of my favorite timepieces continue to happily linger. The Audemars

The GMT watch: A popular and practical complication for the real world

Of all the watches which have complications (anything beyond the function of telling the time) my favorites are those which display one or more timezones. Unlike certain complications, such as the tourbillon or the minute repeater whose primary appeal is their beauty and/or complexity, the GMT/UTC/dual time watch has truly useful everyday appeal. Do you

Watch Designs: No Rhyme, No Reason

As a self confessed watch lover and collector, I like most others, each year I await the next new and cool design from my favorite brands. Recently I’ve paused at the introduction of a couple new models/trends and asked myself why? Like most other consumer categories, one would assume that new products are introduced to

Expect The Unexpected With Today’s High Luxury Timepieces

If you take a moment to think about high prestige watchmaking, these are probably the things that come to mind: gold or platinum cases (or finely finished stainless steel), a shiny, luxurious bracelet, or glittering rhodium-plated or German silver movements, decorated with traditional finishing. And, in many instances, this is in fact just what you

You Are What You Wear….. Really?

People fall into 2 very distinct categories when trying to answer this question: people who don’t care and think about clothes and regard fashion and watches merely as functional utility items and those who are trying to say something about themselves by the things they wear. Its not to say that the folks in category

The Omega DeVille HourVision watch: Rebirth of a Horological Powerhouse

Somewhat lost behind the star-studded advertising campaigns of Omega over the past decade or so, is the slumbering essence of this brand – that of a dedicated watch Manufacture who ranks among the uppermost echelon in terms of innovation, quality, and prestige. Its good to be able to say with confidence that the real substance

Simplicity and Purity is Back

Full Disclosure. I have always loved complicated watches. The notion of a watchmaker spending countless hours on the bench assembling a perpetual calendar, tourbillon or grand complication, for me, has always represented the epitome of fine watchmaking or as the Swiss say, haute horologerie. The latest trend in watchmaking is a reversion back to simplicity

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