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Leave it to the house of Bvlgari to create a chic ladies timepiece that brings back that unforgettable icon of the 1980s – the futuristic digital time display! I’m referring to the unmistakable Ipno timepiece, without question one of the most distinctive and refreshing purely feminine watches available on the market at present.

While mechanical watches, preferable those with exotic in-house movements are what generally stir my blood, I find the little Bvlgari Ipno to be absolutely delightful. It appeals on numerous levels at once. How so? It is a luxurious object that reflects artistry in an exotic combination of glossy ceramic, glistening steel, and scintillating round brilliant diamonds, yet it is simultaneously a fascinating style piece that is not derivative in the slightest. The cylindrical case sits with perfect comfort on almost any wrist, and is sure to garner comments from curious admirers who simply can’t figure out exactly what it is. In a market rife with imitations copying other imitations, that advantage by itself is no small attribute!

While there are numerous luxury watches out there of exceptional beauty for ladies, there are few to none that have the fetching combination of sleek elegance and futuristic cool that this one does. For that reason (among others, clearly), the Bvlgari Ipno deserves a place in the timepiece collection of any woman.

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