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Bovet watches first made a name for themselves in the 19th century, when Edouard Bovet succeeded in titillating the exclusive tastes of the Chinese Imperial family with his exceptional timepieces, which emphasized exceptionally lavish decorative details, including fine enamel work, engraved movements, and cases set with precious gemstones and pearls; Bovet was also the first maker to fit transparent windows in watches, to emphasize the beauty of finely decorated watch mechanisms. As a fascinating footnote to history, the renown of Bovet watches within China became so great that they actually became an established form of currency!

Bovet’s owner Pascal Raffy has done a fabulous job to ensure that the modern Bovet watch collection captures the extraordinary hand-craftsmanship of original 19th century Bovets. Apart from their charming and unmistakable style, which evokes pocket watch design, Bovet timepieces place an emphasis on artistic adornment which is scarcely matched by anyone within the luxury watch industry today. At Bovet, rarities such as miniature enamel painting, pearl-setting, and elaborate fleurisanne-style engraving live on, adding a great deal of beauty to watches that are at least as much an expression of art as they are an implement to tell the time.

Most importantly, this rare emphasis on aesthetic perfection serves to highlight the finest in mechanical watchmaking. Bovet presents a number of the most cherished complications, which range from the delightful jumping hour and classical perpetual calendar to wondrous minute repeaters and tourbillons – the summit of the watchmaker’s craft. Even more impressive, Bovet has ensured the continuity and exclusivity of its horological creativity through the formation of a manufacturing facility in picturesque Fleurier, where it can create and design its own proprietary movements.

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