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For haute horlogerie fans seeking an exquisite tourbillon wristwatch not likely to be spotted on anyone else, the exceptional creations of Bovet Fleurier have provided all that can be desired. However, up until recently, Breguet’s famous whirlwind complication was restricted to the supremely elegant Fleurier case design. Those seeking a Bovet tourbillon with a more casual degree of refinement have had to bide their time. That time has arrived, and the Sportster Saguaro Tourbillon 7-Day is the Bovet you’ve been waiting for.

Simply put, these are impressive, artistic timepieces that make a very potent statement. Let’s not mince words – they are large: the “small” version is 45mm, and if you prefer something even more impressive, there’s a 51mm version which Bovet is offering as well. Call me carpally challenged if you like, but the 45mm Sportster Saguaro Tourbillon is my preference, largely because I feel the movement has better balance in the smaller case. However, this swashbuckling Bovet tourbillon is magnificent in either interpretation, rife with all the impeccable artistry which has made Bovet a watchword in high-end horology over the last few years.

The aesthetic concept merges sport with classicism in provocative and surprising ways. For instance, there’s the very artistic openworked dial with scrolling floral patterns paired up with luminous indices and red skeletonized hands. Then you have the ruggedly constructed case with a screw-down winding crown (and 300M of water resistance), united with a supremely dressy strap in the finest crocodile leather. While some might find these seeming contradictions odd, I think the Bovet Sportster Saguaro Tourbillon 7-Day succeeds very well as a watchmaking showpiece of distinction. With its bold non-imitative design, hand-crafted Bovet Fleurier movement, and unquestioned exclusivity, it will make a fantastic addition to the well-diversified collection of a serious connoisseur.

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