Best Running Watches

Best Running Watches

Are you looking for the best running watches? So now you are in the right place. In the article you will get some important information of the best running watches for women. Let’s talk about the 5 best running watches of this year.

Short Sample of the Best Running Watches this year

Garmin Forerunner 910XT

Garmin Forerunner 910XTThe Garmin Forerunner 910XT is one of the best running watches for men this year that offers you 14 hours plus battery life. You will get one second recording intervals that can tackle 5k to 100k distances with battery sparing. It has an outstanding post-run map that offers you accurate time. The watch featured with exclusive features including strong water resistance, durability, and great pacing. You can measure distance and speed using the watch. Therefore sportsmen like this watch very much, especially since you can get a very decent watch under $500 with such a high level of technology.

Garmin Forerunner 610

Garmin Forerunner 610Garmin Forerunner came on the wristwatch market just two years ago. However it has gained massive popularity all over the world as a GPS running watch. It is a touch screen watch with stunning features. You can use the watch while you are swimming, running, hiking, biking, and skating snow. The customized screen of the watch shows time accurately. The Garmin Forerunner 610 shows distance, time and lap pace on the screen.

Suunto Ambit

Suunto AmbitSuunto Ambit is an exclusive running watch with battery life. It is a phenomenal running watch particularly for trail running, ultra, and mountain running. The barometric altimeter device of the watch makes sure perfect altitude and GPS accuracy. The trial running selection on the exercise menu works very well to show time, date and lap pace. The exercise menu hooks up with the Suunto foot pod. The Suunto Ambit offers you the exact distance while you are running, swimming, and mountain biking. The watch looks very nice with the simple out-looking.

Polar RC3

Polar RC3The Polar RC3 is one of the best running watches on the wristwatch market. The Polar RC3 is the first ever GPS integrated watch with stunning features. The watch is unique in calculating distance, time, speed, and data. The Polar RC3 is highly water resistant up to 200 meters under water. Sportsmen prefer the watch very much for its battery life and durability. You will get a new orange version of the Polar RC3 watch on the market.

Timex Run Trainer 2.0

Timex Run Trainer 2.0The Timex Run Trainer 2.0 is a number one GPS running watch on the wristwatch market. The watch is exclusive in nature with a nice set up. The crystal clear quartz technology shows time/date and distance more vividly. You can enjoy a friendly navigation menu with the Timex Run Trainer 2.0. The GPS acquisition of the watch is much faster than anyone.

Best Running Watches Featured

Timex Ironman Sleek TM

Timex Ironman Sleek TM

Timex Ironman Sleek TM 250-Lap is the best running watch with extraordinary features such as large displays, hands-free split function, five workout memory with a maximum of 59 laps per workout, hydration alarm, nutrition alarm, and 99-lap counter. It posses 45 millimeters case diameters and 14 millimeters case thickness.

This watch is manufactured by the Timex wristwatch company. The Timex Ironman is the best standard men watch with an attractive color and size. The most preferable color is yellow. It is highly water resistant up to 330 feet. The top quality bezel material ensures an effective protection for the watch. In outdoor events and sports the watch mostly preferred. Its durable case and body shape makes sure an extra protection of the watch. You can choose the watch for mountain biking, hiking, distance running, swimming, and skating on snow.

Ironman Sleek TM 250-Lap is an award winning design of the Timex series. The most recent quartz technology and crystal clear dials makes the best showing off time and date on the screen. You can use the watch for your personal record.

Casio STR300 Sport Running Watch

Casio STR300 Sport Running Watch

Casio STR300 Sport Running Watch is one of the best running watches for women that have an auto LED light, daily alarms, pace signals, and 60 lap memory stopwatch. It may be an attractive gift for your beloved’s birthday, anniversary, ceremony, and any other occasions. Let’s talk about the exclusive features and functions of the watch.

This Watch is manufactured by the world-renowned watch company Casio. It exclusively featured by the dual time presentation, countdown timer, distance calculator, strong water resistance. The stopwatch of the watch is easier to use and so much practical. The black leather buckle with the well-furnished case makes an appealing out-looking.

The STR300 from Casio has 10 years of battery warranty. Its battery is so durable and effective. The Casio STR300 series is powerful and eco-friendly. The long-lasting capacity of the watch makes sure reliable timekeeping at any critical situation.

Women prefer the Casio STR300 Sport Running Watch for its multiple designs and colors. You may take your best suit from the available colors and sizes. It has a distance calculator that provides you an accurate distance estimation. You can get back of your elapsed time using the watch. You can buy a Casio STR300 60 lap Sport Running Watch just spending 21.35 dollars at Amazon.

Puma Time Faas 250 White Runner

Puma Time Faas 250 Purple Runner

The Puma Time Faas 250 White Runner is a fashionable watch for the women. The gorgeous and stylish watch made by the world-class brand promoter Puma. The Puma series is very popular with the women for its multiple colors including purple, white, blue, black, and pink. As one of the best running watches for men, the watch featured with the multiple characteristics within reasonable price. Let’s talk about its features and functions.

The Puma White Runner Watch is made of durable plastic body and case. It has powerful 50-lap memory to record time and date properly. The EL backlight focuses dials vividly.  The watch has dual time alarms to provide you an exact time.

It is a chronograph watch that helps you to get back your elapsed time. Even you can use the watch to record your personal jobs whatever you want. The watch offers you the highest comfort in summer. The top quality bezel material ensures the highest protection for the watch.

The Puma Time White Runner is highly water-resistant up to 50 meters.  You can swim, skate, and diving wearing the watch. When you are on a journey; you can use the watch to measure long or short distance.

Timex Ironman Men’s Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Timex Ironman Men’s Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Whether you are an athlete or adventurer, you can use the Timex Ironman Men’s Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch to make your job more accurate and comprehensive. This full-sized watch provides you an appropriate feedback on critical information such as amount of time, distance, and required speed. Let’s talk about the features and function of the watch.

The Timex Ironman Watch is a mid-sized men’s timekeeper with heart rate monitor and comprehensive training tools. The digital transmission device protects the watch from crosstalk with the other monitors and electronic equipments. The Timex Ironman has six ranges of time zones with a peak heart rate, recovery time, and average heart rate.

Men’s Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch from Timex works on 100 hour chronograph, 50 lap memory, and alarm with 5 minute back up. The watch has a nightlight with night mode that provides you vivid time and date at night. You will enjoy the scope of data recording with the Timex Ironman watch.

The Timex Ironman Men’s Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch has a powerful and replaceable battery. The Timex Watch offers a lifetime guarantee of battery. The watch is highly water resistant up to 100 meters under water.

Suunto Quest Running Pack

Suunto Quest Running Pack

The Suunto Quest Running Pack includes Suunto Move-stick mini, Suunto quest black, and Suunto dual comfort belt. The Suunto Quest Running Pack has a connection port with the personal computers and other electronic devices. With the watch you can upload data on your computer easily. The Quest works with the to introduce a training program, and presentation of data.

This Watch is manufactured and designed with the multiple amazing features such as dual time presentation, chronograph, stopwatch, interval timer, and countdown timer. The chronograph helps one to get back one’s elapsed time. The stopwatch of the timepiece is easy to use.

The Suunto Running Watch has a heart rate monitor that provides current and average rate of data and intensity of time. The customizable screen of the watch presents the time and date in an accurate manner. It has a memory capacity between 20 to 30 logs depending on the data recording during training.

The Suunto Quest Running Pack has a customizable crystal display that is compatible with the POD. It offers you speed limit and speed information during the training. It guides the real time of your training session. The Suunto Quest Running Pack is water resistant up to 50 meters under water. The Suunto Quest Running Pack offers you an accurate time record during your training.

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