Best Outdoor Watches

Gone are the days when watches were merely used to get to know the time. Today, the best outdoor watches are taking the place of computers. Watches are able to offer almost all the features that any one of us would even think of. They are fast , reliable and the most important, affordable.

Best Outdoor Watches for the Outdoorsman

Whether you sit idle or go out in the open, you need to have a watch on your wrist so that you are aware of the time. If you are looking for a watch that can make your life easier then, an outdoor watch is the perfect choice. The watches that are available in the market these days are normally light weight and you will not be able to determine their presence on your wrist. The compact design and trendy look makes it more attractive among the new generation. The latest advanced technologies are being used to make these outdoor watches more of a gadget which can be reused for every use.

The best outdoor watches can function in any environment. If you are flying or walking or even running, the watch can tell you in figures, speed, pace, distance, and the number of calories you have burnt. Isn’t it amazing? Most of these GPS watches come with a memory function. They easily track the movements. The watch can even store the history of your outdoor activities and you can get to know the list on a later point of time. GPS watches also come with an extra ordinary feature that is the digital compass which enables you to reach your destination area if you get lost in an unfamiliar area.

Even the best outdoor watches have some downsides

However, these outdoor watches also have their own downside which is the extra large size which makes it occupy almost the entire area of your wrist. Regardless of this downside, most of the athletes and climbers prefer to use an outdoor watch. You will be astonished to know that even swimmers use these watches as these outdoor watches are water resistant.  Some of the salient features of outdoor watches include the easy access to change in time zones, alarm clock settings and alerts. The outdoor watches also have the feature to know your body temperature as you can access thermometer readings. The watches also have calendar functionality.

The best outdoor watches come with a USB connector and rechargeable batteries which are normally of lithium make. The batteries last longer and also have a one year warranty.  There are many brands of outdoor watches in the market today. If you are planning to purchase one remember that each brand has slight variations in the feature list. You can do your basic analysis and understand what you expect to be more important feature. Though there are several online sites that can be used to shop of watches, it is found that local dealers are less expensive. You also have the option to do a trial before you decide to purchase a brand.  Having the best outdoor watch is the latest trend in the fashion world and purchasing one is a good idea.

Great selection of the best outdoor watches

Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch

Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Sport WatchCasio G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch watch looks great. It is solar power enabled and so it does not require a replacement of the batteries. The black resin colored band along with the aluminum bezel makes it look awesome. The watch is shock resistant and water resistant making it usable under any condition. Battery level indicator and the power saving functionality is also very useful. The watch has a good grip and comfortable. You have the option to set the modes in the watch.  Each mode has a slightly different functionality.  It is one of the mens luxury watches.

The Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch is highly durable and very light. The manual and online user guide has all the details pertaining to the usage of the watch.  The manual is extremely user friendly which makes it easier to set and use every feature in the watch. I am very happy to have chosen this watch. I am even satisfied with the services offered by the dealer and would like to shop again at the same store. I would be glad to suggest this watch to every one of you. If you are planning to purchase an outdoor watch then plan to experience the features that come with this watch and see the difference it makes on your life style.

Vestal Brig Tide & Train White Digital Surf Watch

Vestal Brig Tide & Train White Digital Surf WatchI had gifted the Vestal Brig Tide & Train White Digital Surf Watch to one of my friends and surprisingly he loved it. He also recommended this watch to many of his friends and It was really fascinating to see the happiness in their faces, as though they were expecting this from me. Well the Vestal Brig Tide & Train White Digital Surf Watch is a outdoor watch which is water resistant up to ten ATM per hundred meters.  The functionality that is offered in the Vestal Brig Tide & Train White Digital Surf Watch is enormous. I bet no one would be able to use all of them all together. The watch comes with an elaborate manual which explains every feature in detail. There are interval timers that can be used extensively when you work out. Count down timers that will be of help when you run, bike or swim.  Stop watch can be used to time things.

The watch can be used on a daily basis. The modes which are available in the watch are quiet huge which help you to customize the display depending on the different circumstance where it is being used.  Though the watch is functional, if you are looking for a trendy watch then I feel this watch is not the right choice. You can choose Vestal Brig Tide & Train White Digital Surf Watch if the features are going to be of help to you as it is one of the best outdoor watches.

U.S. Polo Association Sport Watch

U.S. Polo Association Sport WatchThe U.S. Polo Association Sport Watch is the latest fashioned watch and is the best outdoor watches.  The watch comes with a large case and sporty leather band. You have the option to change the band according to your taste. Rubber, metal or even sporty bands can be attached to the watch. If you ask me I prefer to use metal straps as they are durable and are long lasting. However, sometimes I have seen that the color of the metal fades with time. This will need a replacement.

The silver dial and silver tone luminous hour and minute needles give it an elegant look. It is basically the look and design of this watch that made me crazy for it. I have been using this U.S. Polo Association Sport Watch for more than a month and I have not thought of replacing my watch for at least another year or two. I feel the price of the watch is quiet reasonable taking into account the number of features that come with the watch. The watch is water resistant and light weight. It has features such as date, lighting, and many others which are very useful. The watch comes with a ten year warranty. Yes it is ten years so you can very well decide to add this watch to your collection.

Citizen “Nighthawk” Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen “Nighthawk” Stainless Steel Eco-Drive WatchThe Citizen “Nighthawk” Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch has been marked as a serious time piece.  This is because the watch comes with a stainless steel finish and offers timekeeping functionalities.  The watch case is around forty three mm in diameter. The watch has large markers which are luminous and enable easy readability. The watch is water resistant and has a low charge indicator window. The power saving functionality is awesome. Above all I was startled to see the scratch proof dial which is normally in crystal finish.

The brand has been in the market for a long period of time and this makes it very attractive among the masses. I have seen many celebrities wearing the Citizen “Nighthawk” Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch and this made me more interested in this particular model. I have been thinking of including this watch in my collection and it was at last during the last month that I was able to fulfill my wishes. The watch is solar powered and this makes it more durable and hassles of replacing the batteries are no more.  The elegant design and look attracts even those people who do not like to wear jewelry and accessories. I am stunted with the features and would like to recommend this watch to every one of you.

Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Titanium Watch

Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Titanium WatchI have a huge collection of watches and have been crazy over new releases. Though I have almost every watch in my collection as I have spent lots of time to shop and choose every watch, I love this Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Titanium Watch. I purchased this watch only a few days before and I have started to enjoy the features that come with this watch. The time keeping is perfect and I feel it is one among the best outdoor watches. The dial is a big one and is made of titanium. It is solar powered and this makes it more attractive as I don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.

To be frank, it is a headache to keep replacing batteries on the Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Titanium Watch.  Every morning I get up and show the watch under sun light, a little dim light is also sufficient to display the digits in the watch. The indigo color back light is awesome. The compact, light weight of the watch makes it more attractive. You never feel that you are wearing a watch. The display mode accommodates the week, year and the day details as well.  The sunrise and sunset features are also very nice to have.

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