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We love dive watches because they’re overkill. They make great daily wearers because if they can handle 20 or 30 atmospheres of pressure, they can probably handle your day-to-day life. We love dive watches because, in the horological hierarchy of tool watches and complications, dive watches are actually really approachable.

It maybe shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that dive watches as we know them today are barely 100 years old. That’s because we weren’t doing much deep sea diving before the early 20th century, nor were men all that used to wearing wristwatches (it wasn’t until the First World War that the wrist watch even caught on since before that period they were generally considered women’s jewelry). Yet, despite the relatively short history of the dive watch, this type of timepiece has come to be considered one of the most popular sports watches out there.

Almost everyone can name off the more famous models; the Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster, and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms – but there are many, many more options out there.

Bell & Ross Hydromax 11000 M

The Bell & Ross Hydromax 11000 M watch is a dive timepiece whose technical specifications far surpass even the most demanding requirements of dive professionals. This quartz watch is endowed with certain specific features which permit water-resistant performance that is unrivalled. The Bell & Ross Hydromax 11000 M watch is constructed from high quality stainless steel, and equipped with a screw-down crown. A special fluorinated oil, termed Hydroil, fills the Hydromax watch case, permitting perfect legibility at all angles, as well as assisting in equalizing pressures at great depth.

A unique caseback with a flexible rubber button is also incorporated to compensate for extremes in pressure and temperature, this rubber button expands and contracts according to the changes in liquid volume in the case. As a result of this constructive detail, the Bell & Ross Hydromax 11000 M watch is water resistant to a depth of 11,000 meters, equivalent to the pressure found at the Marianas Trench – the deepest known place in the world’s oceans. Therefore, this remarkable watch can successfully withstand pressures equivalent to approximately 8 tons per square inch. Naturally enough, the Hydromax 11000 M watch is fitted with a graduated bezel which rotates only in the counterclockwise direction, to ensure safety during the sequences of a dive.

The Bell & Ross Hydromax 11000 M watch’s high precision Swiss quartz movement is powered by a battery, which has a long life of approximately 5 years. Supplied with a handsome and functional presentation case, this Bell & Ross timepiece comes with a stainless steel bracelet as well as a semi-rigid plastic strap and a synthetic canvas strap. Despite the Hydromax watch’s extraordinary abilities, its reasonable 39mm size, excellent comfort, and rapidly adjustable date display make it an excellent choice for everyday casual wear.

For me personally this model is the best dive wrist watch, may be because I really like Bell & Ross.

Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Panorama Date

The Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Panorama Date watch is a uniquely versatile luxury timepiece, one which combines the finesse of a refined Manufacture movement, with the rugged construction and water-resistance of a diver’s instrument. The 42.5mm case of the Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Panorama Date watch, crafted from stainless steel or 18K rose gold, is given a subtle and flawlessly executed brushed finish. At the same time, fine polish details gleam on the transitions between corners, the graduated scale on the bezel, and the guards which protect the crown. In all, its craftsmanship is exceptionally satisfying and fulfills the demands of sports elegance to perfection.

The crown of this Glashutte Original timepiece screws down securely, and helps ensure that the watch remains water resistant to a scuba worthy depth of 200 meters. Equipped with a unidirectionally rotating bezel, the Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Panorama Date watch can safely measure decompression times during a dive, or for that matter, time a parking meter or telephone call on the safety of dry land. The Glashutte Original watchmakers have fitted the Sport Evolution Panorama Date watch with the fine Glashutte Original Caliber 39 movement, which is produced exclusively in Glashutte. Equipped with a central rotor which has a 21K gold segment, this movement winds efficiently and offers precision performance, and exemplary mechanical reliability.

Far more than just a robust work-horse, this mechanism is also a thing of beauty, and each one is carefully refined by the dedicated labor of a skilled Glashutte watchmaker. The bridges of the Caliber 39 are applied with Glashutte ribbing, the winding wheel displays a unique Glashutte sunburst pattern, and the swan neck fine regulator features an immaculate polish, thanks to careful hand polishing under high magnification. The Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Panorama Date watch is equipped with its namesake – a sophisticated large date display that features two discs and offers nearly instantaneous switching, as well as a rapid setting function.

The Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Panorama Date watch is offered in stainless steel with either a silvered dial, or a sporty black alternative, and is completed by a strap in a rubber or a synthetic material called “Trieste”, as well as an intricate and finely finished bracelet complete with an ingenious clasp that allows a generous range of micro-adjustment, yet is completely concealed. In 18K rose gold, the watch is offered on the synthetic “Trieste” strap which is accented with red stitching that perfectly complements the red accents on the dial and second hand. The Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Panorama Date watch is an extremely attractive luxury sports timepiece in any of its variations, offering to its wearer a fine blend of desirable qualities.

Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Tourbillon

The Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Tourbillon watch is an incredible high luxury timepiece that demonstrates an unusual and exceptionally appealing combination of horological complexity with sports-capable prowess. Deftly combining high fashion and haute horlogerie, the Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Tourbillon watch exemplifies the daring attitude of Roger Dubuis, which strives to bring traditional watchmaking forward into a new era. The 48mm stainless steel case of the EasyDiver Tourbillon watch offers remarkably complex finishing details, particularly in the intersections of angles, and the contrast between brushed and polished surfaces, such as that found on the sides of the case, and the tops of the lugs. Accents in rich polished carbon fibre at the tops of the lugs provide an exotic touch reminiscent of exquisite Italian sports cars, and these merge perfectly with the rubber strap.

The Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Tourbillon watch is animated by the RD03 Caliber, a movement conceived and manufactured by Roger Dubuis. This manually wound mechanism, which has been distinguished with the prestigious Geneva Quality Hallmark (Geneva Seal) due to its compliance with strict traditional watchmaking standards set by the Canton of Geneva, displays the most celebrated of high complications – the tourbillon. Invented by A.L. Breguet at the turn of the 18th Century, the tourbillon device represented an extremely sophisticated mechanical solution to the problem of gravity’s effects upon the escapement of pocket watches; its delicacy and intricate construction have made it a specialty of only the most accomplished watchmakers from its invention onward.

This Roger Dubuis tourbillon, which represents the desirable “flying” construction, completes a single rotation each minute, its tiny steel cage bearing the balance wheel and the various components of the escapement – its axis features a blued-steel pointer which serves the function of a subsidiary seconds hand. The full art of this luxurious movement can be admired through the sapphire caseback, where the traditional haute de gamme finishing is fully revealed. Bridges are decorated with Cotes de Geneve on their top surfaces and anglage on their edges, the screws are polished, and all settings for the jewels and screws feature beveled settings.

The Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Tourbillon watch is ready for a luxurious holiday, and it features a screw-down crown which assists the timepiece in realizing its rated water resistance of 300 meters. The unidirectionally rotating bezel, crafted from 18K white gold, is intended for a diver to measure his oxygen supply, but is equally appropriate to measure the elapsed time of a telephone call, or any short term interval under an hour in duration. The rubber strap of the EasyDiver Tourbillon watch is an intricate work of art in its own right, and features a unique texture, as well as an underside surface signed with a tiny pattern of interconnected “RD” logos, a detail echoed on the the hidden areas of the richly detailed stainless steel folding clasp. This limited edition Roger Dubuis timepiece is produced in stainless steel with a silver line-pattern, or black carbon fiber dial. An 18K rose gold version has also been offered, whose contrasting carbon fiber accents make for a truly stunning contrast against the lustrous finish of the precious metal.

Corum Bubble Chronograph

The Corum Bubble Chronograph watch is a sporty timepiece with an exceptionally distinctive design. With its unique, massively domed sapphire crystal, the Corum Bubble watches are guaranteed conversation starters in almost any gathering; the unique crystals offer both magnification to the dial, and also a striking degree of optical effects depending upon which in way the watch is oriented when viewed.

Each Corum Bubble watch represents the avant-garde design philosophy of Corum, and offers something unique to those who enjoy the unusual. The Corum Bubble Chronograph watch has a 45mm stainless steel case, which is distinguished by its elegantly rounded contours, and fine mirror polish as well as its impressive 200 meter water resistance, so we can call it a true dive watch, not the best one, but one of them.

Inside this strikingly stylish housing, Corum places a reliable and time-proven Swiss selfwinding movement with a chronograph complication that offers 12-hour and 30-minute totalizers, as well as subsidiary seconds and a rapidly adjustable date mechanism; based upon a well-respected ETA base caliber, each of these movements has a balance wheel frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and a power-reserve of approximately 42 hours; the delicate perlage finishing and personalized rotor can be admired through the exhibition caseback.

Each Corum Bubble Chronograph watch is complemented with a bold dial that presents characteristically expressive applied numerals, and appealingly contrasting chronograph subdials; thanks to the luminous indications, these watches are also legible in any lighting condition. The Corum Bubble Chronograph watch is completed by a thickly padded crocodile strap with an elegant Corum deployant clasp which features a push-button release inspired by the domed “bubble” design of this timepiece’s crystal, crown, and chronograph pushers.

Bvlgari Diagono Professional Acqua 2000m

The Bvlgari Diagono Professional Acqua 2000m watch is the ultimate professional dive timepiece produced by Bvlgari. Pressure-tested to a depth of 2000m/6,600 feet, and equipped with a helium escape valve for saturation diving, this extraordinary selfwinding Bvlgari watch can endure the harshest conditions and continue performing flawlessly. If you are a professional diver this watch would be may be the best choice for you, especially if you dive pretty deep.

Every aspect of the Bvlgari Diagono Professional Acqua 2000m watch is optimized for both uncompromising function and handsome good looks.  The massive 42mm case of this timepiece, complete with a screwed-in case back and screwed-in protected crown provides ideal protection for the fine movement within; at the same time, the exceptionally thick, domed sapphire crystal ensures optimal legibility for the matte-finished black dial with its highly visible luminous hands and hour markers. Reading off elapsed dive times is made simple by the precisely crafted rotating bezel, which is distinctively wide and marked with a graduated scale and a luminous dot; as is the case with all dedicated dive watches, this bezel rotates exclusively in the counter-clockwise direction.

The Bvlgari Diagono Professional Acqua 2000m watch is powered by a precise and extremely robust Swiss selfwinding movement, which has a fully-wound power reserve of 42 hours.  This fine mechanism, which is equipped with a central sweep seconds hand and a quickly-settable date display, has been carefully adjusted by the Bvlgari watchmakers.  Proof of their careful labors is proven by the word “Chronometer” printed on the dial of the watch; in order to obtain this accolade, each movement must spend 15 days at a testing laboratory of the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometers (COSC); only after demonstrating that it performs within a narrow specification when subjected to numerous positional and temperature variations, does the movement qualify for the prestigious title.

The Bvlgari Diagono Professional Acqua 2000m watch is offered exclusively in stainless steel, with an attractive brushed finish.  The watch is joined to its wearers wrist via a supple and extremely rugged rubber bracelet with stainless steel connective elements and a rugged deployant clasp, completed with the Bvlgari signature.

Blancpain Specialites Fifty Fathoms

Legendary mens dive watch. The Blancpain Specialites Fifty Fathoms watch represents a true classic within the highly contested field of luxury mechanical dive watches, and to this day its blend of dedicated craftsmanship, technical sophistication, and rugged good looks remain unparalleled. Introduced in its original form in 1956, and championed by Jacques Cousteau during his diving exploits, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch quickly gained momentum as a dive timepiece of serious credentials. In its current interpretation, the Blancpain Specialites Fifty Fathoms watch offers exceedingly fine details, a refined ultra-slim selfwinding movement, and excellent utility as a dive instrument which is as attractive on dry land as it is comforting beneath the ocean waves.

The stainless steel case of the Blancpain Specialites Fifty-Fathoms watch measures 40.5 millimeters in diameter; its large fully insulated crown screws down against the case, and along with the screwed-in caseback assures a watertight seal that enables it to remain water resistant to a depth of 300 meters. As a true dive timepiece should, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch has a unidirectional rotating bezel, which allows a diver to safely measure decompression stops and the like, without any danger of mis-aligning the bezel and spending too long underwater.

The movement animating the Blancpain Specialites Fifty Fathoms watch is the selfwinding 1151 Calibre, which demonstrates reliable function, an exceptional power reserve, and extensive Swiss horological craft. Comprising 210 hand-finished pieces, each 1151 Calibre movement has a power reserve of 100 hours at full wind; its balance wheel beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, and its mechanism incorporates a quick-set date display. Every 1151 Calibre movement is hand assembled from start to finish in the traditional Blancpain manner, by a single dedicated watchmaker. Concealed safely behind the screwed-down steel caseback, the 1151 Calibre’s winding rotor and bridges are extensively decorated with Cotes de Geneve and anglage finishes; screw heads are carefully polished, and the plate is adorned with a circular-grained perlage. Both functional and decorative, these traditional techniques demonstrate the pride of craftsmanship that these watchmakers take in their dedicated work.

The Blancpain Specialites Fifty Fathoms watch demonstrates an equal commitment to perfection in its external details. The case demonstrates a flawless polish, with the unique Blancpain signature engraved in full on the left side. The bezel does not feature an aluminum ring; instead, its markings are carved en relief into the steel itself, and then carefully polished. The black dial too, is impressive in its minuterie and lustrous finish; its white gold hour markers and hands are applied with generous amounts of Superluminova material, which assure excellent visibility in low light conditions.

The Blancpain Specialites Fifty Fathoms watch can be ordered on either the “Aqua Lung” rubber strap, complete with a signed stainless steel deployant buckle, or the intricate and flawlessly crafted X-71 bracelet.

Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Watches

The Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver watch offers an attractive combination of precision, robust construction, and luxurious fine quality.  Presented in stainless steel or 18K rose gold, the massive 42.7mm case of the Maxi Marine Diver watch makes a powerful impression, one which is reinforced by handling it, and confirming the fine details with the fingertips.

Like its smaller sibling the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver watch, the Maxi Marine Diver is water resistant to 300 meters (water resistance is limited to 200 meters for the 18K gold version), courtesy of the large, fully insulated screw-down crown, and the engraved caseback which has been secured by screws.  The finely engraved rotating bezel, marked with a luminous dot, rotates counter-clockwise only, and can be used to safely measure decompression stops during a dive, or the length of a long distance telephone call on dry land.

To ensure that the timekeeping ability of this luxurious sports watch is fully commensurate with the horological excellence long synonymous with the House of Ulysse Nardin, it has been equipped with the excellent selfwinding UN-26 Caliber; in the 18K gold version, an exhibition sapphire caseback allows the owner a glimpse of this movement and its beautiful 22K gold winding rotor that has been decorated with a fine guilloche pattern.  Meticulously adjusted by the watchmakers of the House, this mechanism has a power reserve of 42 hours, the status of which is indicated on the upper portion of the watch dial; as the watch is wound, or runs down, a small hand indicates the amount of tension stored in the mainspring.

Having proven its precision in the comprehensive tests administered by the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC), the UN-26 caliber has earned the Maxi Marine Diver watch the right to bear the inscription “Chronometer” upon its dial. The Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver watch can be ordered with a sporty rubber strap or a massive link bracelet in either 18K rose gold or stainless steel, depending upon the model, and to ensure the broadest range of appeal, Ulysse Nardin has presented the Maxi Marine Diver watch with three attractive dials – black, silver, or brown–each remarkable for their exceptional finish, and fine surface textures.

The finely wrought skeleton hands of the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver watch are coated with ample amounts of Superluminova, ensuring easy readability, even in total darkness.  An elegant interpretation of the classic divers timepiece, the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver watch is a versatile companion that skillfully bridges the gap between sport and elegance.

IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000

The IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 watch is intended for the most rigorous professional diving demands. Resistant to the immense water pressure found 2000 meters below the sea, the Aquatimer Automatic 2000 fulfills the stringent requirements for saturation diving, and indeed, any sports application where a tough timepiece is essential. Packed with innovative IWC mechanical technology that is housed in a strikingly handsome titanium case, the Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is also a bold statement of masculine style. One of the best mens dive watches for sure.

The most striking visual element of the IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is its two crowns. The topmost crown which screws down tightly to the case, allows winding and setting of the time and the date, while the lower one controls the innovative internal time-lapse bezel that is unique to IWC; each exacting click provides a tactile reminder of the precision engineering behind it. Bold luminous indications upon the dial and on the rotating bezel are easily read in the dark ocean depths; the 4.3-mm thick convex-ground sapphire crystal is both secure against massive pressures, and perfectly legible at all angles.

The supremely strong titanium bracelet which showcases IWC’s unique adjustment system joins the watch to the wrist, unless the IWC rubber strap is preferred. The IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 watch is powered by the 30110 calibre movement, which incorporates a date display, sweep seconds, and a power reserve of 42 hours. Nestled beneath the massive screwed titanium caseback of the Aquatimer Automatic, the carefully adjusted movement can be counted on to be both accurate and reliable, ensuring that the watch is an equally ideal companion for diving or daily wear.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Orange is in. European designers have proven this point repeatedly in the last year. Omega has capitalized on this design trend with the launch of the Planet Ocean watch this year at the famous international watch and jewelry show, BaselWorld. While Omega offers the Planet Ocean in five different variations, the version with the orange bezel and orange leather strap is undoubtedly the “coolest” one.

Omega created the Planet Ocean to take their Seamaster line to the next level. The Planet Ocean watch is endorsed by the U.S Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Michael is one of the most successful competitive swimmers in the history of competitive swimming. Michael won size gold medals in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece to cap in incredible career. The Planet Ocean is a fitting tribute to Michael. Omega offers the Planet Ocean in the following case and strap configurations. The first version is has a black dial and black bezel on a brown leather strap. Next there is the same black bezel and dial with a stainless steel bracelet. This all steel version is more durable than the leather strap version. Consider the same black case/bezel with a black rubber strap if you want a true sports watch. Now for the orange Planet Ocean models. Each one of these features an orange bezel, orange markers at twelve, six and three o’clock. You can pair the orange version with a steel or rubber bracelet. If you want to own the all orange version, it comes with an orange leather strap in addition to the orange bezel and makers. This watch will cause your friends to grab your arm so be prepared.

Omega designed the Planet Ocean series to withstand the elements. Each watch is a true dive watch with water resistant to 600 meters and includes a helium release valve and a uni directional rotating bezel. The Planet Ocean has a large 42mm case and a screw down crown set at six o’clock. A self winding Omega 2500 movement powers this watch, and has 44 hours of Power Reserve.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph is an excellent sports and dive watch. Featuring the robust construction that has long been a hallmark of TAG-Heuer watches, the Aquaracer collection in its entirety was created to be both rugged and highly water resistant, qualities particularly important for scuba divers and others in demanding situations.

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph watch utilizes the automatic-winding Calibre16 movement, which has a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. Accurate and dependable, the chronograph mechanism allows the timing of intervals up to 12 hours in duration, with precision to 1/8 of a second. It also incorporates a date display, and this is easily adjusted via the crown when necessary.

The strong and finely made stainless steel case of the Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph watch is guaranteed to endure the pressures found 300 meters below the sea; its screw-down crown and caseback unite to ensure this level of water-resistance, making the Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph a worthy dive companion. Diamond-cut faceted hands with luminous applications ensure both an attractive appearance by day, as well as definitive legibility in low light situations; the precise unidirectional bezel with its polished tabs enables the calculation of diving times and decompression stops, as well as being useful for more mundane daily tasks such as measuring a parking meter, or perhaps even timing a sizzling steak on a barbecue grill.

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph watch is available exclusively in stainless steel, with a matching stainless steel bracelet showcasing brushed elements with a polished center link; an extension piece housed within the clasp allows the watch to be worn over a wet suit. A choice of several dial colors, including black, blue and silver ensure that a casual elegance always accompanies this sports-ready timepiece.

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