Best Casio G Shock Watches Review

Best Casio G-Shock Watches Review

If you are the type of person that likes a bit of adventure every now and again then you will always need the proper tools to bring on that adventure. A watch is more than just a watch these days, with built in features that could no nearly anything that people can think of and with capabilities that make your adventure more convenient and more fun.

G-shock is the household name for watches with its many varieties people can choose the perfect watch for them based on what they need, what they might use it for besides telling time and what they can afford. But when it comes to choosing the best G-shock watches, the statement may just be a bit too general as G-shock has created such a wide array of choices that the best would depend on category rather than an overall general overview.

In this G-shock watches review we highlight our top pick for specific watch capabilities depending on the watches different uses.

Best G-Shock for Outdoors

Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar WatchThe term “outdoors” is a general term in itself but here what we mean is for roughing it like camping, hiking, hunting, or mountaineering. If you are n outdoorsy sort of person then you will be used to roughing it, and hence will need a watch that has the ability to rough it too. Our choice for best outdoor watch has the following features:

  • It is solar powered which means you wouldn’t have to worry about changing or running out of battery. The solar powered feature works well for someone who is constantly outdoors and in contact with the sun.
  • This watch has stainless steel displays and the needed level of versatility of the outdoors.
  • Red plates around its textured pushers add a level of visibility to use when needed. This may not seem like an important feature but you are hanging off of the side of a mountain then you will realize that it is.
  • Besides the stainless steel quality, it also has a window made of mineral crystal for even more added versatility.
  • This watch is water resistant up to 600 feet (200 meters) which is good for (non-professional) scuba diving.
  • It has a digital compass displayed clearly on the face.
  • Altimeter and barometer for measuring how high you may be going and the atmospheric pressure for your own safety.
  • An automatic alarm for the sunset and sunrise to help you organize and manage the day’s activities.
  • Other features to this watch include a stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, and alarms.

Best G-Shock Military Watch

Casio Men’s GD350-8 G-Shock Watch

Casio Men’s GD350-8 G Shock WatchAll military watches need to adhere to KISS (keep it simple, stupid) standards set by the military for their own safety. G-shock is the top choice for military watches and is used and preferred by most servicemen. But we have chosen this as out top choice for best G-Shock watch for military use because of its capabilities and features while keeping it simple at the same time.

  • This watch uses a vibration alert for alarms which is a very important feature for military watches. Unwanted noise is a big NO when on the field.
  • A countdown timer which is another important and useful feature for servicemen.
  • Stop watch up to 100 seconds.
  • Full calendar and the option to switch from 12 hour or 24 hour time formats.
  • Button option to turn tones on or off.
  • Battery life of up to 5 years with low battery warning.
  • This watch also has a subtle, low key grey color.

Best G-Shock Aviation Watch


Casio BLACK AND GOLD GRAVITYMASTER GPW-1000GB-1AIf very high altitudes is your thing like if you are a pilot or are into sky diving then the gravity master is for you. This choice is by far the best Casio G-Shock for aviation because of its features that are unique to only aviation watches and that would bring pilots (and maybe even frequent travelers) a whole new perspective on convenience and comfort. The Gravitymaster is completely badass, in our opinion and includes the following features:

  • The gravity master is enclosed in stainless steel, including its bezels for optimum durability.
  • Its window is made of sapphire crystal, a very tough material that would keep the watch going no matter what gets thrown at it.
  • This watch is solar powered so the user would never have to worry about battery replacement or getting a low battery while out. A solar powered feature works well with an aviation watch as the user will almost always be outdoors.
  • This watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. (water landing?)
  • The best feature of this watch is its ability to catch GPS signal which means that wherever the user goes or even when flying over a different time zone, the watch would be able to catch the GPS signal of that area and change its time accordingly.
  • This watch also features a stopwatch up to 20 seconds.
  • It has a countdown timer of up to 24 hours, that’s one of the longest countdown timers in the G-Shock series.

Best G-Shock Diving Watch

Casio Men’s GW9200-1 G-Shock Riseman Alti-Therm Solar Atomic Watch

Casio Men’s GW9200-1 G-Shock Riseman Alti-Therm Solar Atomic WatchEarlier, we mentioned an aviation watch for people that like soaring at high altitudes, now we feature the best watch for going down deep into the ocean. A diving watch would need much more than just a waterproof feature, the term “waterproof” might even be deceiving sometimes because what isn’t mentioned is that a waterproof watch can sometimes only handle being submerged for a certain amount of time. A diving watch would have no such time limit and can withstand depths, pressure, and temperature that the ocean brings.

  • This watch is water resistant up to 660 feet or 200 meters, that’s the deepest that any Casio G-Shock watch can go.
  • This watch is capable of maintaining time keeping accuracy through catching radio signals for time calibration. This happens automatically 6 times per day to keep time accurate.
  • It has a thick 15.9 millimeter case to keep the watch safe against ocean deep pressure.

Best G-Shock Watch for Running

Casio Men’s GD110-1 G-Shock Black Resin 60 Lap Digital Sport Watch

Casio Men’s GD110-1 G-Shock Black Resin 60 Lap Digital Sport WatchFor every activity that a person may take a liking to or prefer, there will be different specifications for what is needed. Out of all the outdoor activities, running is the most common and the most preferred. And even if running specifically isn’t liked, it is still an integral part of many other activities. G-Shock has created various running watches with features that cater to people who have taken a liking to this activity, our top choice includes the following features:

  • This sports watch features a lap memory in order to add an element of convenience for people who like to go for a regular run.
  • It has a stopwatch up to 100 seconds.
  • A countdown timer up to 24 hours.
  • The option to change time format from 24 hour to 12 hour.
  • The option to mute all alarms.
  • Battery life lasting up to 7 years which is great as the inconvenience of having to change a battery or deal with a low battery will still be quite far off.
  • This watch is also water resistant at G-Shocks deepest capability at 660 feet or 200 meters.

G-Shock has created a household name for itself in the general field for watches because of its provision of different features and specifications to cater to people’s individual needs and preferences. With the very wide range of choice that G-Shock offers, you can definitely find what you need, what you want, and what is perfect for you. Get the best G-Shock watches for all your different activities and allow yourself an added level of comfort and convenience while doing what you love.

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