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Ceramic has been a very popular material in the creation of luxury watches lately – IWC (an early pioneer of ceramic in watchmaking) has recently shown off their Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition TOP GUN watch, as well as bringing out an Ingenieur watch variant with a ceramic bezel. Chanel has made a big point of their use of ceramic in their J-12 watch collection, and many of the Hublot Big Bang watch variants showcase ceramic elements in different colors. Even ultra-conservative Rolex has incorporated this high-tech material in their new Yacht-Master II and redesigned GMT-Master II models.

Bell & Ross is one of the latest to jump on the ceramic trend, with the recent introduction of their BR 03-92 White Ceramic timepiece. With its bold, large, square case, the Bell & Ross BR watch design is a natural teamed up with the glossy, striking presence that ceramic gives off. These are definitely very fashion forward timepieces to begin with, and the white ceramic heightens that effect – so, I applaud Bell & Ross for not being shy with their vision. Ultimately, many Bell & Ross watches would be extremely appealing rendered in ceramic.

I hope that Bell & Ross offers a 46mm BR 01-92 watch in black ceramic, which I feel would look awesome, maybe with a choice between a polished or matte surface for the case – either way, the watch would look very handsome, especially with the cool, instrument-style luminous dials that these watches have. The shiny look of ceramic would also look great on the new BR 02 dive watch, particularly accented by pink gold. Oh well, enough wishing – I’ll just have to be patient and see what Bell & Ross comes up with!

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