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Belittling quartz watches is an occasional past time of mechanical watch snobs. Hell, I’ve been there myself–denigrating these precise but “soulless” movements that nearly killed off the charming ticking of the mechanical watch industry in the 1970’s. However, I don’t do that much anymore. That could be because mechanical watches are anything but an endangered these days, but it also reflects my grudging admiration for what quartz technology can offer – particularly in fantastic sports timepieces like the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Instrument Type Aviation watch.

Complications are an absolute delight in fine mechanical timepieces. When it comes to sports watches, however, complications also present a potential problem: for every added function, you have more parts. That in turn means a greater likelihood of malfunction or breakage – particularly under demanding wearing situations. Quartz watches, with their functions entirely governed by electronics, have no such hangups. They can be as complex and multi-function as all gets out, and shake off the roughest usage with casual disregard.

That brings us right back to the multi-function Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Instrument Type Aviation, which is a dream come true for anyone seeking a tough and extremely utilitarian luxury watch. A precise twist of the winding crown instantly enables you to select from the various digital functions, which include an alarm, a chronograph, a countdown timer and a second time zone display. The brilliant luminous material on the dial hands and indexes contribute to the sober good looks of this stealthy watch. As an added bonus, the graduated rotating bezel of the Type Aviation can be found on no other Bell & Ross BR Instrument model.

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