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Bedat & Co is a brand which has effectively defined itself through elegant yet distinctive watch designs. Like the famous Santos, Tank, and Pasha from Cartier, the eight numbered collections of this acclaimed young brand each reflect a unique look yet are all collectively recognizable as Bedat & Co designs.

While Bedat & Co watches have become extremely popular with women, the brand also makes a number of extremely appealing models aimed at men. One of my favorite Bedat & Co collections – and one which has a high concentration of elegant masculine models – is the Collection No 8. Defined by the subtle yet striking case shape which Bedat describes as “round within a cushion”, Collection No 8 comprises some appealing small complications, including the Ref. 888 watches which feature a power reserve indicator or a handsome large date display. Those who appreciate chronographs will be pleased by the Bedat & Co Ref. 867 watch, which debuted this year; clearly the most casual of the No 8’s, this timepiece stands out with its complex and extremely stylish dial that joins the chronograph subdials together with Bedat & Co’s signature “8″ logo.

When I first got the opportunity to handle the various Bedat & Co Collection No 8 watches, I was immediately impressed by the finely contrasting case finishes, and the graceful crown protector that is smoothly integrated into the lines of the case. Also distinctive are the woven leather straps that are a signature of this line – while different than the typical exotic skin straps you see on most luxury watches, they have a unique appearance that works well for either formal or casual wear (though it should be noted that all the models are also available with “normal” alligator straps).

Like all Bedat & Co watches, there is a sublime harmony between case, dial, and hands that immediately draws the eye: take a moment to examine any of the Collection No 8 timepieces, and you immediately recognize that here is an object created with long term desirability – not short term fashion trends – in mind. And that virtue, I suspect, is a big reason why Bedat & Co is attracting growing numbers of enthusiastic fans.

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