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Whether you shop online or visit your local retailer, you are confronted with a decision as to whether or not you should buy your timepiece from an authorized or unauthorized retailer (commonly called gray market sellers).

When you visit a watch manufacturer’s website, visitors are generally overwelmed with pop-up windows and other messages warning of the perils of buying products from unauthorized retailers. The reason is the vast majority of watches sold online are sold through e-tailers or unauthorized vendors. This means that should you have a problem with your watch, or should it require any service while supposedly under warranty, the manufacturer will not honor the warranty. In extreme cases manufacturers may refuse to return the watch to the purchaser.

Generally any vendor that displays discounted pricing and facilitates online transactions is an unauthorized or a gray market vendor. This is why when you visit websites, you are offered the option of emailing or calling an expert to facilitate your purchase. This is merely to provide the very best in customer service, answer all questions relevant to your important purchase and prevent any element of error, fraud etc.

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