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The Audemars Piguet Offshore watch collection never ceases to impress me with its ability to undergo metamorphosis. It seems that collectors barely manage to glom onto a rare and particularly coveted version (for instance, the Juan Pablo Montoya, the Rubens Barrichello or the Forged Carbon Alinghi) when Audemars Piguet throws out something new that is even more wild, spectacular, and sought after. What’s more, as the Offshore continues to evolve in materials and design concepts, we see the best elements from specific models united in dynamic and surprising new ways.

The latest high luxury sports watch from Audemars Piguet is the Offshore Survivor. To me, this is the “baddest” limited edition Royal Oak Offshore variant since the fabled T3. And, like the T3 Offshore, the Survivor exudes a massive aura of high-tech luxury with its hinged chronograph protectors, conical chronograph buttons, and strikingly ventilated crown that resembles a birdcage flash suppressor on an AR-type rifle. You might call the Survivor the Darth Vader of the Royal Oak Offshore world.

Somewhat paradoxically, the octagonal bezel and textured dials which define the fundamental identity of Royal Oak Offshore collection provide strong differentiation from model to model according to materials and design choices employed. The Survivor is endowed with its own powerful personality in this regard, showing off a deeply grooved ceramic bezel, hexagonal socket head screws (a la the Montoya and Barrichello), and an extremely intricate waffle pattern dial with some of the neatest skeletonized hands I’ve ever seen. The techno-cool detailing covers every inch of the Offshore Survivor watch, from the textured non-slip black titanium caseback to a rubber strap with two rows of decorative checkering.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Survivor: it’s bad, it’s businesslike, and yes… very limited, with just 1,000 pieces slated for production. Let the collector races begin!

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