Arnold Schwarzeneger: Governator…….. Watch Collector

This July, Arnold Schwarzenegger is officially beginning his “golden years”.

Thats right, the Last Action Governor, is officially turning 70 years old. Wow! thats a lot of candles.

I actually believe 70 candles on a cake is officially a fire hazard in California and could be illegal in most other states during most summer months.

Who would have thought that Conan the Barbarian would some day grown up to be the Governor of “Caaaal-eee-forrrrn-ya”.

Always a huge watch collector, this former Kindergarden Cop not only collects watches, but also has consulted on a few limited editions for Audemars Piguet.

Those days are over and the Governator is now focusing 100% of his time on politics. A few years ago, Schwarzenegger Totally Recalled former California governor, Grey Davis, and quickly became a political Running Man.

With a little charisma and a bad Austrian accent, this political Predator went on the warpath and it was soon the End of Days for Grey Davis.

Ironically, the man who threatened to “take down the girlie-men” is seen here photographed holding his “girlie-man” shopping bag while exiting the ultra high-end frou-frou Barney’s department store in Los Angeles.

Now, did I mention this man doesn’t look a day over 45? He has less grey hair then most men in their mid-thirties.

While I am pretty sure the hair color is fake (there is definitely no argument there), I am positive the IWC Big Pilot on his wrist is 100% real. The IWC Big Pilot is one of the most sought after IWC’s in current production. When well-known wrist-watch shop acquires an IWC Big Pilot, it is usually gone within a week. This 46mm beast is ultra popular with most celebrities as you will see the likes of John Mayer, Jason Statham and many other celebrities wearing this ample timepiece.

While the IWC Big Pilot is a great watch, Schwarzenegger is definitely not a “Stand by your Brand” kind of guy. he has also been photographed wearing Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Panerai, so it looks as if the IWC Big Pilot is simply his “Tuesday Watch”.

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