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Corum watches have a strong character, on that there is no question. From the totally distinctive Bubble watch collection, with their numerous playful, provocative, or even humorously morbid themes, to the brilliantly adorned pieces in the Artisan watch collection, to the strikingly sporty feel of the ever popular Admiral’s Cup collection, Corum has made a real name for themselves in offering timepieces which are not afraid to be expressive.

Corum Golden Tourbillon Panoramique

One area that I really admire this Corum creativity, is in the stunning tourbillon watches in the Classical collection. Corum has introduced a couple new ones lately, that are extremely beautiful. First, there is the Golden Tourbillon Panoramique model, which showcases a one minute tourbillon whose entire mechanism appears entirely suspended in space, thanks to the lovely transparent sapphire bridges that bear the entire structure of the manual wind movement. The fact that Corum has employed the tonneau “cage” type case (fitted with sapphire crystal even on the sides) of their famous Golden Bridge watch to show off this tourbillon’s remarkable beauty is a big plus. This is a watch which reveals the fascinating mechanics of the world’s most celebrated complication to the maximum, which to my view is the main reason that most collectors acquire a tourbillon to begin with.

Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillon

Then there is the appropriately named Classical Billionaire Tourbillon watch. This tourbillon timepiece shares the sapphire bridge design of the Panoramique, but places it in a round case, which is an over-the-top explosion of diamonds and sapphires. But make no mistake, the gem-setting is absolutely stunning, making this one of the best executed haute joaillerie tourbillons made by anyone. Don’t feel it’s spectacular enough on the strap? Then you can order your Billionaire Tourbillon watch with a bracelet fit for a sultan, which is paved with baguette diamonds or a combination of diamonds and sapphires. Don’t hesitate too long, though–Corum will only be making ten pieces of each variation.

While Corum may not be a movement “manufacturer” per se, they definitely know whom to enlist to realize masterful creations such as these. The stunning sapphire bridge tourbillon movements were conceived by Cristophe Claret, one of the greatest living master watchmakers, and a specialist in repeater and tourbillon complications. Corum is in good company; Monsieur Claret’s formidable horological genius has been employed by Harry Winston in their acclaimed Opus watch series, and also in such showstoppers as the Ulysse Nardin Genghis Khan watch and the Girard-Perregaux Opera I.

About Adam

A family heirloom in the form of a Rolex Explorer 1016 started Adam Keith’s fascination with the watch world. From that day forth, Adam became completely fascinated with watches and has spent many hours researching and collecting rare timepieces. While Adam may be the youngest of the our editors, he is considered one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to movements and complications. Many other employees have utilized this walking timepiece encyclopedia when they needed to information about a specific movement. Challenge with Adam any question you may have about movements and complications and I am sure he will have an answer. Adam is a classical violinist who enjoys reading.

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