A New Strap or a New Watch? They Can Feel the Same!

It seems that everything associated with fine Swiss timepieces is expensive these days. Yes as connissieur I do realize the level of expertise and the excruiating attention to deal with which most of these watches are manufactured. But replacing a leather strap on your fine timepiece, while expensive, often $300 – $700 per strap, can make the watch look and feel like an entirely new watch (without the significant investment for a new watch). A black strap on a back dial watch is always a favorite but to spice it up, put a dark brown, tan or camel strap on it. Compare the images at the top of this page.

For those of you living in a hot climate like myself (I live in California) having 2 straps for a timepiece makes the most sense. Heat and perspiration are the enemies of a bueatiful leather strap, so often, I buy a rubber strap or kevlar strap and change seasonally. It gives the watch a more sporty look and is more resistant to persperation. Companies like Bell & Ross, IWC, Ulysee Nardin, Harry Winston, Girard-Perregaux, Corum and Omega make great rubber straps, often in an array of cool, fun colors and sometimes even elegant.

There’s always that next great watch to buy and hey, I’m a fan, so I’ll likely go out and buy it. But, when I need a quick fix and a new look, I change the strap!