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A 478 carat rough diamond was discovered in the Letseng mine in Lesotho. This tiny country, which is surrounded by South Africa has already produced a number of notable diamonds including two larger rough diamonds from the same mine as the current find. These larger diamonds weighed 603 and 493 carats.

The 478 carat size ranks this diamond as the 20th largest rough diamond ever discovered, and current information suggests that the diamond is colorless and internally flawless – absolutely mind boggling! It’s estimated that it could yield a cut diamond of approximately 150 carats.

This is an extraordinary find, and only time will tell exactly what this rough diamond will produce. However, it’s likely that the rough material will produce the largest ever colorless and flawless cut diamond. I for one hope that Chopard nabs the finished product for one of their jaw dropping “Haute Jaoillerie” designs.

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